Buyer Alert

The Warranty on Gallo Acoustics products is not valid if the products are purchased from a non-authorized Gallo Acoustics dealer or retailer.

The illegal activity extends to the removal, replacement and falsification of factory serial numbers. This is a Federal offense under the criminal code. A false or missing serial number voids the factory warranty. Beware of 3rd party warranty's, they do not exist. Only Gallo Acoustics provides Warranty Service for Gallo Acoustics products.

Protect your investment by purchasing  Gallo Acoustics products from an authorized dealer. Call 866-427-3873 or on our web site dealer locater. 

Gallo Acoustics puts a tremendous effort into training our authorized dealers to provide you, the end user with valuable advice and installation expertise. As a customer you should value the opportunity to audition products and receive face to face service from people who will be there for you after the sale is made.

NON-Authorized Web Resellers: