au·di·o·phile   noun

A person having a passionate interest in consistently obtaining (and enjoying) premium high-fidelity sound reproduction.


This means you are a part of a very special group. In essence, we feel that people who consider themselves audiophiles simply "hear" things differently. They are more tuned to the subtleties of sonic output, and seemingly get more out of music and sound than others around them.

Truthfully, being an audiophile is likely similar to being a dedicated wine enthusiast (aka an Oenophile), or perhaps being a classic film aficionado who prefers an old silent film to a summer blockbuster. Some people "get" it, and some don’t, and that’s ok. Neither is right or wrong.

Well, ok, there is one large difference. An audiophile consistently looks for premium sound, and is – at least slightly - unsatisfied with anything less. Where the silent film lover can also enjoy a loud, mindless summer blockbuster for what it is, an audiophile will always notice the defects in an MP3 playback. That doesn’t mean they can’t dance to a song played on an MP3 player, but there’s always that nagging feeling that the sound could be better.

We admit – being an audiophile is wonderful, but it also comes with the small curse of "we always notice less than optimal sound". Audiophiles are always saying things like "can’t you hear that?" in reference to a hiss, pop, or "tinny" sound. And the rest of the world shrugs their shoulders and thinks we’re nuts. And again, that’s ok.

Buying great audio performance wasn’t as easy as it is now

Audiophiles used to have it tough. This is because during the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s, getting audiophile-level sound wasn’t easy. You had to visit a specialty HI-FI shop (if your area had one), or work with mail-order catalogs, as regular big-box retailers just didn’t sell high end equipment.**

**(in fact, big box retailers today still don’t. The very best a big box retailer offers today will admittedly sound great to your MP3-loving cousin, but pales in comparison to even entry-level high end loudspeakers.)

But one big change has come about – the internet has made buying higher-end loudspeakers and components easier. It also has brought the price down, especially at the entry-level. Today, almost anyone can afford exceptional loudspeakers. Yes, the prices at the top end can go to places only few can afford, but for millions of people, great sound – audiophile-level sound – is now within easy reach. We prove it every day at Anthony Gallo Acoustics, where we have offerings that appeal to every level of audiophile, and every price point.

We not only pioneered the round speaker – we’ve perfected them. And we’re here to tell you that exceptional, affordable sound is a click away.