Clients & Endorsements

"The Gallo Reference 3.5's are like watching HDTV. The image and soundstage is holographic. Instruments are floating in air, above. below between and to the sides of the speakers. You look directly at the speakers and it seems like there is nothing coming out of them... it's spooky. The dynamics are among the best I've heard. Bass slam is awesome. Music is rendered in an exciting natural way, as if the music was being performed live in your room."

"I use the 3.5's in my reference system where I evaluate my recordings. My listening sessions are extremely critical and intense. This is my final stage before I let the product go, so this is of utmost importance to me. I can hear every nuance in the recording with a degree of clarity and naturalness that I have never experienced in this system."

"In my experience the 3.5's rival speakers that twice and three time s the price. It's hard to believe what these speakers are capable of. Congratulations Anthony, this is a brilliantly designed pair of speakers."

Joe Ferla

"The SE’s are phenomenal, Just like their predecessors, they are great for pinpoint accuracy. If something doesn’t sound right on the SE’s, you know something is wrong. I don’t use these to get some huge punch to reference how the song will sound in a big club. I use them to reference the radio. I don’t usually like to mix with a subwoofer, but it pairs perfectly with these. It’s such a real, transparent sound. If I’m getting too much bass on this system, you know there is too much bass. They are so revealing."

Neal Pogue