FAQs – Speaker System

Curious how the 60-Day Trial works? Not sure if your existing amplifier can handle your new Nucleus Micro™ system? (It can). Wondering if you can mix your Nucleus Micro, A'Diva™ and Dué™ speakers in the same setup? (Absolutely). Wondering why we base all of our loudspeakers on a spherical shape? (The answer may surprise you). Read on below for these answers and more.

Q: What is the Gallo Acoustics Return Policy?

A: Anthony Gallo Acoustics was instrumental in the development of compact round speakers. We’re the original, and we’re still the best. And we’ll stand behind that with our 60-day in-home trial. If it’s not everything we say it is, return it on our dime (we’ll pay the freight back), no questions asked. Should you wish to return your Gallo Acoustics speakers, simply contact us for an RMA number and return shipment label. To receive full credit, the product must be returned un-damaged and properly packed in it's original packaging with all accessories. Upon receipt of your return we will inspect the product and issue a refund within 72 hours. 

Q: Where can I hear Gallo Acoustics loudspeakers?

A: Please check the Dealer Locator" section of this site.

Q: Can I mix Nucleus Micro, A'Diva and Dué speakers as part of a Home Cinema set up?

A: Yes! The Nucleus Micro, A'Diva and Dué speakers can certainly be run together. All three products are rated at 8 ohms and use a version of the same 3" driver. Therefore, they integrate very well indeed.

Q: What is the lowest-rated power amplifier I can use with the Nucleus Micro and Dué?

A: The Nucleus Micro uses our patented "S2" technology. S2 dramatically increases the output of the system. As an 8-ohm load with high efficiency, the Nucleus Micro will play at normal levels on amplifiers rated as low as 5 watts per channel. Most amplifiers/receivers have at least 40 watts per channel, and therefore are powerful enough to drive the Nucleus Micro.

Q: Will the Nucleus Micro, A'Diva and Dué loudspeakers work with my current equipment?

A: We have designed our speakers to work with just about anything you might already own or are considering purchasing. They have been engineered to seamlessly integrate with almost any brand of audio component on the market.

Q: What type of speaker wire sounds the best with the Nucleus Micro system?

A: We offer 100' rolls of 18-gauge solid core speaker wire (available in white or black) as an available accessory. We feel that this wire is some of the best-sounding wire we have heard. In fact, this is the same wire that is used to wire the system internally. This wire can be purchased or ordered from your local dealer.

Q: Can I use my existing speaker wire with the Nucleus Micro?

A: Many people tell us that their room is already wired (in the walls, ceiling, etc.) We recommend a 14-gauge or smaller speaker wire for the Nucleus Micro.

Q: How do you get so much sound out of a speaker as tiny as the Nucleus Micro?

A: The Nucleus Micro, along with our other loudspeaker products, utilizes our proprietary and patented "S2" technology. S2 is a way of decoupling the backs of the drivers from the air inside the spheres. This allows them to react more quickly to steep transients. It is this increase in efficiency which allows the Nucleus Micro to be an easy-to-drive 8-ohm load. It also gains an additional two full octaves of low frequency extension for any given cabinet size. The satellite thus covers the entire vocal range without a crossover.

Q: What is the importance of not having a crossover in the Nucleus Micro?

A: There is no such thing as a good crossover. All crossovers introduce time and phase distortions that degrade the original signal. By using a single driver to cover the entire range above the THX specification (where your receiver crosses over to the small enclosure setting), the Nucleus Micro can deliver true audiophile-quality sound. This means a very high degree of transparency and tonal accuracy - and, most importantly, a musical experience. Eliminating the crossover also helps to reduce the ear fatigue that many small satellites tend to cause with extended listening. The most important specifications, speed and transparency, typically are not even measured. These are the details that make a speaker musical and lifelike. Due to the simplicity of our design, the Nucleus Micro is one of the fastest, most dynamic and transparent speakers at any price, and certainly in its class.

Q: Why do Anthony Gallo Acoustics loudspeakers utilize a spherical shape?

A: We do not use spherical cabinets because we are trying to make a design statement (although they do look great). Our products are a pure example of form following function. We use a sphere because it solves all of the major problems inherent in box designs:

1. A sphere has no internal standing waves where bass output and efficiency are lost.

2. A sphere has no external baffle diffraction to smear the signal. This allows our speakers to deliver the most open, transparent soundstage possible. Say goodbye to flat left to right placement of instruments and vocals. The Nucleus Micro, A'Diva and Dué will deliver accurate three-dimensional recreations of the original recording stage. Placement of instruments is readily discernible up, down, front to back and way outside the actual placement of the speakers within the room. Of course, special effects in movies will take on an entirely new dimension. The added details will convince you that you are one step closer to being there.

3. A sphere is the strongest, lightest, lowest mass cabinet possible and has long been known to be the optimal enclosure for a driver. The most important design factors for speaker cabinets are structural rigidity and lack of resonance. Box designs attempt to make up for lack of rigidity by adding mass. Mass simply stores energy which is then released to the environment as harmonics and ringing that are out of time and out of phase with the music, that old familiar "box sound".

Q: How large of a room can the Nucleus Micro stereo system support?

A: Ideally, the Nucleus Micro is suited to rooms of around 16' x 18' and smaller. The addition of a powered subwoofer will greatly increase usable room dimensions.

Q: Can I purchase the satellite speakers without the subwoofer?

A: Yes. Your dealer sells our satellite speakers individually. If you plan on using them for stereo listening (as opposed to solely Home Cinema), we would strongly recommend a subwoofer. The satellite-subwoofer combination should be viewed as a single speaker with only the "tweeter" visible.