High End Home Theater Speakers

Nucleus Solo™ Speakers

"I can't think of a speaker that does what the Solo does for under $5000, except for Gallo's own Nucleus Reference. If this sounds like an extremely positive review of the Solo, then my sentiments were conveyed."

--Warren Chang, Audiophile Audition, March, 1999

Nucleus Reference™
Reviewed by Bound for Sound

"In the Gallo Reference we have a loudspeaker that screams state-of-the-art in many meaningful respects. It images in 3-D Technicolor with a presentation that defines coherent. I've had some fine speakers in the Big Rig, speakers capable of defining the art when introduced. Yet the Gallo Reference easily set a new standard for bringing music into my room. I emphasize the word "music", for this speaker understands what it is to make music."

--Martin DeWolf, Bound for Sound

Nucleus Reference™
Reviewed by Positive Feedback

"If you are in the market for an outstanding high-end speaker, do NOT miss a chance to audition the Gallo Acoustic speakers. I have now had the system in place for over seven months. And there is nothing that has come up to make me want any other speaker system or to ever want to upgrade again. This is my highest recommendation on speakers."

--Pat Hickman, Positive Feedback

Nucleus Reference™
Featured in "Standout Systems" Roundup by SoundStage.com

"These speakers are such a technological tour de force that, within the format of this article, I won't even attempt to do them justice. The amount of original thinking and endless R&D required to bring them to market ought to be obvious even upon cursory inspection of the photo. Not a whole lot of new happens under the sun of speaker design, most novelties being but thinly disguised incremental refinements made possible by advances in materials or manufacturing processes. The Gallo speakers are decidedly revolutionary and truly novel on more than one count."

--Srajan Ebaen, SoundStage.com