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A'Diva Ti Speaker System
Featured in Blast Magazine

"...these tiny, spherical wonders actually sound like a reference set."
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A'Diva Ti 5.1 System
Featured in Home Theater Magazine

"It's truly amazing how big this little speaker can sound, but Anthony Gallo has been refining "round" sound longer than anybody."
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A'Diva Ti 5.1 System
Featured in Hooters Magazine

"It's about the sound. It's always about the sound."
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Gallo Product Line
Reviewed by Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

"As you can see, I was completely blown away by this Gallo system."
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Gallo A'Diva Ti, Micro Ti and TR1/TR2 subwoofer system
Reviewed by

"I'm not going to end this review -- as others might -- by urging you to run out and buy this stuff before Gallo comes to their collective senses and raises pricing on these wonderful products. It would be ludicrous to even suggest that Anthony Gallo doesn't firmly know the value of his offerings. It's equally inane to suggest to any manufacturer that just because he can charge more, he should ignore his price/performance advantage and raise the rent. I prefer to conclude by commending Gallo on offering the kind of value and price/performance ratio that audiophiles should demand. It's not that Gallo's products are too cheap. It's that the competition is overpriced. As a -- very -- final note on that subject, this Gallo system is too good to send back. I'm keeping it. All of it. The whole works. Best money I've ever spent, too. That's the honest truth, your honor..."
--John Potis,
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Nucleus Micro "Home Theater In A Box"
Reviewed by AudioVideo Revolution

"Space-limited, money-conscious and aesthetically-minded individuals will want to audition these Anthony Gallo Micros. They will provide, within their limits, a well-balanced solution that must be heard to be appreciated. They certainly changed my bias. I believe they will have the same effect on you as well. These speakers are the best I have heard in the micro class. If a small, affordable, low-visibility speaker is your desire, this high-resolution gem is a perfect choice."
--Tim Hart , AudioVideo Revolution
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