"Great imaging and unique, natural drum sound. My Ref 3.5’s have gotten me off the "mine are better" thing and I am happy to just listen to music."
John James Stewart Cadwell
New Market, MD
"In a class of their own!"
Greg Efner
Greenville, SC
"We neglected to install a sound system when we built our dream vacation home on the coast. What good fortune to find our A'Diva Ti speakers (and TR1 subwoofer) with two channels. It is perfect for our great room. The sound is amazingly rich from these compact speakers -- like having the center seat at the symphony. Another plus is that the speakers reside on my shelves as pieces of art. Thank you Gallo for your fine products."
Fort Bragg, California
"I was looking for compact speakers for an apt dwelling. "never expected to get blown away with these beauties. Replaced the floor standing speakers deftech mythos sts's with these. I really liked the deftec & more than me my wife did, but the day I installed the Stradas L/R, she heard a demo & turned to me & said ""now who will buy the sts"" :)"
Ian Montalegre
"The Gallo speakers are astounding, surprising sound quality.  Guests are sometimes amazed, wondering where such sound is even coming from, not quickly recognizing the round speakers.  I installed a set of 5.1 in our second home when it was built—they serve TV, Blu-Ray, CD, etc.  We liked them so much we installed a Titanium set in our other home just for the TV/Blu-Ray.  Truly best speakers for the money and the size.  We also have an old set of Bose speakers (with subwoofer) in the kitchen, they need to go as the Gallo’s are in a different class altogether.  If I had my wish I’d replace the B&W living room speakers with Gallo’s as well.  The Gallo sound is true to original form, crisp, accurate—they are so life-like that we can’t even describe that quality adequately.  Except, perhaps, that many times we have paused the system because we thought an animal or whatever was in fact outside."
Steve Bullock
"My home office system, comprised of the Reference Strada 2 on my desktop, with a TR-1D sub below, produces a truly remarkable sound stage and listening experience.  Listening in the near field comes with a multitude of challenges and trade offs. To make matters worse, I typically listen to music at very low sound levels.  The Strada 2 and sub combo provides me with absolutely wonderful details and texture, especially with string instruments like small format chamber orchestra and baroque style music.  It's an incredibly fast speaker, which seems to be key to it's ability to paint not just an accurate stage of sound on my front wall, but a virtual audio portrait that floats in front of, and around me.  That's not something I've ever experienced with speakers positioned physically against the front wall, while sitting only 40 inches away from them.  Absolutely stunning.  Mentally puzzling.  Giggle inducing.  Acoustic, jazz, pop vocals, it's all great.  And when they need to rock....boy, can they rock - and in a completely unique way.  They can seemingly move air sufficient to turning any Led Zeppelin recording of my choice into any emotionally rewarding experience, with little more than two ticks up from zero on my amp's dial.  The day my Gallo Strada 2's arrived is the day I set aside my Sennheiser HD800 headphones and I haven't looked back since.  Nothing short of spectacular."
Kevin Hatch
"I bought the Gallo Strada 2 loudspeakers, paired with a single TR-1D subwoofer, after having owned a pair of Reference 3.1's for several years.  I was after not only a smaller footprint, but was eager to hear what the latest Gallo products bring to the table. So far, I'm very pleased with the Strada/TR-1D combo.  Airy highs, faithful and  powerful midrange, and the total lack of boxiness I came to love about the 3.1's -- all present and accounted for!  And while I was a bit concerned that the single sub might not be adequate, I've been pleasantly surprised how easy it's been to dial-in the TR-1D to get that clean, well-integrated sound my previous Gallos had.

This system is used with a music-only, 2-channel setup in my medium-sized living room.  My musical tastes run from acoustic folk to well-recorded rock, and on to some classical -- mainly small ensemble works.  My favorite music includes live recordings, and these Stradas really make the sound, well . . . come alive. Their clarity and pinpoint imaging are perfect for mimicking the "live venue" sound I love so much. These small beauties amaze me daily with their performance and are a must-audition for anyone seeking the most faithful sound and imaging that $3K can buy."
Ron Ritcher
Penn Valley, CA
"As someone who has been around sound and good sound for a long time, but always with a limited budget I wanted to share my experience with the Reference series 3.5 speakers. When I first saw the Gallo 3.5 my thought was ... interesting but not for me.  I heard them in a home setting and was very impressed with the crispness and exceptional speed and edge qualities, but... I thought that it was due to the sourcing system (new technology not Vinyl and CD, my primary sound sources. I have a very large Living Room, 22ft high ceiling, hard wood floors, no sound deadening anywhere, and I was concerned about plugging them into my ancient source system, I still use the GAS Ampzilla and Thoebe Pre-amplifier.  I was convinced to give them a try in my home, and see what I thought.

WELL.... All I can say is that they sound FANTASTIC.  The crispness, the imaging, the vertical spacing in the large room is outstanding. I listen to a large collection of Pop, Jazz, and Classical and I have been pleased with everything I hear on these fantastic speakers. WOW!  Thanks Gallo Acoustics!"
Los Angeles, CA