Which Gallo Acoustics Product is right for you?

We have several lines of loudspeakers that will suit any room or price point, but since this section of the website is mainly for people new to Gallo Acoustics, we’ll focus more on our entry level products.

Satellite Speakers

For the person who wants Premium Sound at a great price:

Ok, you’ve finally decided that the big-box store speakers (even the name brands) aren’t cutting it, and want something better. For you, we have the Nucleus Micro and the A’Diva lines.

These are the original sealed-enclosure spherical speakers. This is important, because as Gallo has proven, "round" is better. These are the gold standard – imitated and cheaply "knocked off", but never duplicated.

Both Nucleus Micro and the A’Diva fit into the "satellite" speaker category, which basically means they are small in stature, and can be mounted on the wall, or in the ceiling. In fact, they are unobtrusive if you wish them to be (measuring 4" and 5" respectively). Although they are just as at home on a bookshelf, entertainment center, or on our attractive mounting brackets. They also make great desktop speakers.

Our Satellite speakers are an ideal starting point, because thanks to Gallo’s patented technology, they produce a crystal clear, natural sound that rivals speakers many times their size and price. In fact, people are shocked – simply shocked – at how much sound can be had for under $200 (in the case of the Nucleus Micro).

5.1 Home Theater Systems

For the person who wants Premium Sound and a Home Theater setup:

We’ve packaged our Satellite Speakers with a 300 watt subwoofer to create an affordable (yet decidedly high-end) line of 5.1 surround sound home theater systems.

These can be a complete system for the budding audiophile, at a price point that will surprise you. Your music will sound better than it ever has, and your television and movie viewing experience will be taken to new heights. Feel the rumble as the X-Wing fighters attack the Death Star, and become immersed watching your favorite team as the sound puts you right in the middle of the arena.

Add to this the fact that our components look every bit as good as they sound. One look and listen, and your friends and family will be wondering if you hit the lottery. But we’ll keep the price our little secret, ok?

It’s worth repeating that these speakers are the gold standard in sealed-enclosure spherical design. We developed / championed them, and we hold the patents. But most important to you, only Gallo speakers have that Gallo sound that is so sought-after.


Are you someone who wants to go right to the top?

Gallo Acoustics has you covered with our Reference Series, which is the culmination of our technology and sonic experience.


Our Guarantee

All Gallo products are backed by our 60-day in-home test drive. You love it, or we take it back – free shipping both ways. It’s as simple as that.