We not only pioneered the round speaker...
we perfected it

Anthony Gallo Acoustics has been a leader in revolutionizing loudspeaker design and performance for nearly two decades. The company was founded on Anthony Gallo’s groundbreaking driver development, housed in the spherical design that has become the company’s signature.

We’re one of the original sealed-enclosure spherical speakers, and we’re still the best. Over the years, others have knocked us off in shape (and that’s to be expected), but our patented sound has never been duplicated. Buying a Gallo speaker means you are buying the original gold standard – a standard which still stands alone.

Our quality is also evidenced by the passionate media reviews and satisfied customer testimonials. Plus, we’ll let you test drive your Gallo products for 60 days, easily the best trial period in the industry (and we’ll even pay return shipping!) That’s how confident we are in our products.

Anthony Gallo Acoustics’ goal is to provide music lovers with a simple choice – no matter what your budget, if you buy a Gallo loudspeaker, you can be assured you are getting the best possible sound for your dollar.

And that sound... it’s difficult to describe it here online, but it’s safe to say that a Gallo speaker is everything you want/expect it to be, and then some. Crystal clear, natural sound that only the very best can deliver. In all honestly, people have told us they never really heard music until hearing it through a Gallo loudspeaker. Yes, it’s like the musician is right there with you, but it goes even beyond than that. You’ll actually feel the music (or movie, or even game), and understand what the artist was putting into it. It’s a sublime experience, and makes our products worth every penny.

If you are seeking to enter the exciting world of high-end, superior sound, there is no better place to start than Anthony Gallo Acoustics. And again, we’ll back that statement up with a 60-day in-home trial. You love your new speakers, or we take them back, free shipping both ways! It gets no better than that.